Welcome to the Pig$kin League

The PIG$KIN LEAGUE is an ESPN Fantasy Football Keeper League that is in its 4th season. We are a diverse league that welcomes serious players. The PIG$KIN LEAGUE features:

  • IDP
  • 6 player keeper
  • 12 to 14 teams
  • LeagueSafe
  • $40 entry fee ($50 after 8/10/14)
  • Prizes for top players

To reward the hard work and dedication of our members, prizes are awarded to the most skillfully managed, top teams. The prizes are clearly listed on the ESPN league page.

Depending on availability, we have 12 to 14 teams. The teams are divided into 4 divisions: Staubach, Elway, Stabler and Montana. Each team is randomly assigned a division.


We use LeagueSafe to keep your money safe.

The PIG$KIN LEAGUE welcomes 2 new owners, P. Slovisky and J. Alexander.

PigSkin League ESPN Fantasy Football Emblem