Welcome to the PIGSKIN League

The PIGSKIN LEAGUE is an ESPN Fantasy Football Keeper League that is in its 7th season. We are a diverse league that welcomes serious players. The PIGSKIN LEAGUE features:

  • 12 teams
  • 4 Divisions
  • Prizes for top players

To reward the hard work and dedication of our members, prizes are awarded to the most skillfully managed, top teams. The prizes are listed on the PIGSKIN LEAGUE's LeagueSafe page.


The PIGSKIN LEAGUE welcomes our newest member:

  • J. Lyons

Important - 9/4/2017

Because of an ESPN glitch, every 2017 draft pick had to be manually placed back into each team.

Because it was a detailed process, you'll need to double-check your roster. Please use the 9/3/2017 PDF below for comparison because it reflects the original draft. (Note: Don't use the one on ESPN because its current.)

If all is ok with your roster, or if you find a mistake, let the commissioner know ASAP.


PigSkin League ESPN Fantasy Football Emblem